Letter from the Editors 2019

April 29, 2019

Since 1990, the Journal of Public and International Affairs has existed as an annual print publication, publishing excellent student work in the areas of international affairs, international development, domestic policy, and economic policy. Many of today’s most important policy debates happen online. After 30 years of print publications, we believe it is time for our journal to join the digital space. This year, for the first time, the journal will exist solely as a web-based Journal. While our format has changed, our mission and content have not. We are excited by the opportunity that this transition presents to reach a broader and more diverse audience with quality research and novel ideas. 

Written and edited by graduate students, the 2019 Journal represents the forefront of regional and issue analysis designed for the public interest. This year’s journal covers a diverse range of issues from U.S. eviction laws to human rights law for asylum seekers, from negotiations with non-state state armed groups to artificial intelligence. We would like to thank our dedicated editorial team and the hardworking authors that contributed to this outstanding final product. 

This Journal would not be possible without our editorial team, comprised of 35 editors from 12 graduate programs around the world who reviewed and selected these eight articles through a blind scoring process.  

We would also like to thank Princeton University and the Association of Professional Schools of International Affairs for their generous financial support, which makes this publication possible. We are grateful to the Woodrow Wilson School’s Associate Director of Finance and Administration, Jeffrey Oakman, and the rest of the Graduate Program Office staff for their instrumental role in bringing this journal to fruition. 

Finally, we could not have published the Journal or launched our redesigned website without the support of our Managing Editor, Varsha Gandikota, Contributing Editor, Tom Clark, and the incoming JPIA leadership team: Rebecca Lim, Contributing Editor, and Patrick Farrell, Junior Managing Editor. We are confident that as we depart we leave the Journal in Rebecca and Patrick’s excellent hands. 

Margo Berends and Joelle Gamble