Volume 17 | Spring 2006

  1. Ball, Maggie, Ramon Escobar, Steven Grin and Leslie MacKeen.   A Socioeconomic Evaluation of Alternative Development in the Tropics of Cochabamba, Bolivia: Findings, Observations and Policy Recommendations.
  2. Bruneau, Richard. Engaging a Nuclear India: Punishment, Reward, and the Politics of Non-Proliferation.
  3. Colgan, Jeff. Treaty Compliance: Lessons from the Softwood Lumber Case.
  4. Duke, Laura, Adam Karson and Justin Wheeler.   Do Mentoring and Induction Programs Have Greater Benefits for Teachers Who Lack Preservice Training?
  5. Hopkins, Victoria E. Analysis of International Patent Protection and Global Public Health.
  6. Ladisch, Virginie.   Toward the Reunification of Cyprus: Defining and Integrating Reconciliation into the Peace Process.
  7. Moored, Ginger M.   Uniting a City: Facilitating Interracial Interactions and Cultural Exchange in Urban Public Spaces, with Applications to Washington D.C.
  8. Walraven, Katherine. Looking for Facts in the GATS Attack: Impacts on Social Service Sovereignty.
  9. Wolfe, Matthew W.   Mother and Child: A Multi-Determinant Model for Maternal and Infant Health Outcomes in Urban, Low-Income Communities and the Effectiveness of Prenatal Care and Other Interventions.
  10. Yarger, Steven.   Turning Pirates Into Proprietors:   How and Why to Make Software Intellectual Property Work in Developing Countries.
  11. Helble, Matthias. On the Influence of World Religions on International Trade.
  12. Schildt, Christopher E. Managing Uncertainty: Formulating A U.S. Grand Strategy for China.